Pasos Winery Tasting

P asos Winery tasting room is located in Lockeford's regional destination wine center, Tuscan Wine Village.

Our winery features a huge Red Barrel Room, a Galley Kitchen, Production Facilities, Private Dining Room, Courtyard and a beautiful Tasting Room.

Wine maker Antonio Pasos is often in the tasting room sharing his wine making techniques and visiting with guests; while our friendly staff always has a smile to share and wine information to help you pick out the best bottle of wine. Come visit us and enjoy our fun and relaxing tasting room today.

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Pasos Vineyards and Winery Is located in the Tuscan Wine Village in Lockeford, Ca

T he present day Tuscan Wine Village, was originally known as the” Olde Lockeford Winery”. The winery was founded in 1946 as the Lockeford Cooperative Winery, but had closed by the late 1970’s and remained closed for more than a decade as the site suffered from environmental damage.

In 1998, enviornmental issues were remediated when the 22-acre, 75,000 square feet facility was purchased and converted into a shared multi “micro-winery”. Investing over $3 million in the project, the new owner renamed the facility “Vino Piazza”.

The Mortgage crisis of 2008 resulted in the taking of the property by the Federal Depository Insurance Commission. The property remained closed until it was acquired by the current Investment group in March 2012.

In May of 2015 after extensive renovation and improvements the present ownership received Federal, State and County licenses and approvals to operate the facility under the trade name “Tuscan Wine Village”.

Pasos has been the longest term winery tenant at the Tuscan Wine Village. The facility allows Pasos to age their wines in “Bonded Public Cold Storage”. Wine has a greater potential to develop complexity and a more aromatic bouquet if it is allowed to age slowly in a relatively cool environment. The lower the temperature, the more slowly a wine develops.

We also do tank, bin and barrel fermentation at our production facility here at the village. In addition to the on-site amenities that enable us to produce the finest wines, the beautiful courtyard offers the perfect venue for concerts, weddings, and large gatherings for various occasions.